Oh This Happened: Conan O’Brien Goes to Teen Beat Magazine

24 Oct


Now this is some 90s Nostalgia people! Below is a clip from when Conan O’Brien (back in his Late Night days) visited Teen Beat Magazine (Oh yeah, Teen Beat Magazine!) too achieve his dream of being a Teen Idol.

This video has all the 90s stuff you want: Posters of Leonardo DiCaprio, references to The Backstreet Boys, Hanson and Planet Hollywood, 90s style clothing and an interview with then teen idol David Gallagher! Yes David Gallagher! Formally of the hit TV show 7th Heaven and current guy who just served you your pumpkin latte at Starbucks. Enjoy!

A Collection of Cast Reunions Pt. 2

23 Oct

And we are back! That statement works on so many levels! Like, first we are back because this is the second installment of Cast Reunions. Second, all these casts are back together for the reunions themselves! I guess it only works on two levels…Enjoy!



THE CAST OF BAYWATCH photo | David Hasselhoff, Nicole Eggert


Will and Grace


The Pig and Momma (AKA Slater and Jessie) Saved by the Bell

ELIZABETH & MARIO photo | Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez


Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and Danny (Full House)

JOHN, LORI & BOB photo | Bob Saget, John Stamos, Lori Loughlin


Mulder and Scully (X Files)

GILLIAN & DAVID photo | David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson


Wayne’s World

MIKE & DANA photo | Dana Carvey, Mike Myers


Will and Carlton


Robin Wright and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride)

THE PRINCESS BRIDE CAST photo | Cary Elwes, Robin Wright

Fraggle Rock

22 Oct


Fraggle Rock! One of my all time favourite shows growing up with one of the catchiest theme songs ever and it took till now to write a post on it! Sadly it was the passing of Gerard Parkes (or Doc as we knew him on Fraggle Rock) this past weekend to make me realize we have never done a post on one of the most Nostalgic shows of my generation.

Fraggle Rock (which ran from 1983-1987) was another one of Jim Henson’s great creations. Not quite Sesame Street and not quite The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock was a different than anything else on TV. It didn’t have the educational value of say Sesame Street or the comedic value of The Muppet Show, but it found a home in wholesome family entertainment. I loved everything about this show growing up…then I got older…

Sadly, a few years back I re-visited Fraggle Rock and found it does not hold up for me as an adult. That said, when I have kids (and/or finally lose that paternity suit) I will no doubt be introducing my kids to this show. And now the theme song. Enjoy!


Opening Theme


Closing Theme

Street Fighter II: Angry Goat Edition

21 Oct


This is a pretty well done video mixing the sound effects, music and top screen from Street Fighter II to a video of an angry goat taking out his frustration on the world. Even if this video wasn’t funny (which it is) the music alone is enough to give you a huge rush of Nostalgia. Enjoy!

Art: Giant Scrap Metal Hulk Sculpture

20 Oct


An artist out of Thailand has created this pretty impressive Hulk sculpture made entirely from scrap metal. Oh sure, people are impressed with this but not my drawings? It’s all a popularity contest if you ask me.






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