The Times Your Favorite Actors Almost Died On Set

17 Sep

Actors, they’ll do anything to get out of a day of work including potentially dying on set. Am I right? I know, they are the worst but don’t get me wrong they are still better than all of us and deserve our eternal gratitude.

Anywho, here are a couple times some actors almost died on set. Enjoy, we know they probably didn’t.


The Brady Bunch

During the filming of an episode titled “The Cincinnati Kids” a camera needed to be mounted on the front of a rollercoaster. The camera looked a little loose so they did a practice run and sure enough the camera flew off! Had the cast been shooting the scene it is a safe bet at least one would have died. Would it have been that bad? I mean it was the Brady “Bunch”, so they clearly had some to spare.


Gilligan’s Island

In a scene where Gilligan was trapped in a hut with a lion, the lion apparently lunged at Bob Denver but the lion trainer tackled the lion saving Denver from being mauled. The real story here, there was guy strong enough to take down a lion. If Gilligan’s Island was filmed today, that trainer would have his own reality show.



In a mistake that seems crazy to me, Terry O’Quinn stabbed Matthew Fox with a real knife instead of a collapsible blade during a fight scene. That seems bonkers to me to make that kind of mistake but apparently the same thing happened on Dexter and The Punisher as well.



Tom Hanks During the filming of ‘Castaway,’ Hanks was cut on the leg which halted filming for three whole weeks. This wasn’t just your average cut though. The cut became infected and Hanks almost died from blood poisoning, spending three days in the hospital.


Back to the Future III

Michael J. Fox While filming the scene in Back to the Future Part 3 where Fox’ character has a noose around his neck, Fox miscalculated the stunt and ended up passing out for about 30 seconds.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

David Holmes (the stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe) was paralyzed after falling to the ground while filming an aerial sequence.

It’s about time internet!: DuckTales Theme with real ducks

16 Sep

DuckTales with real ducks! All is right in the world again!

Childhood Totally Ruined by ADHD

15 Sep

We’ve had a few posts before that featured some fun facts and not-so-fun facts about some of our childhood favorites that could “ruin” our memory of that item, but Animation Domination takes it to a whole new level. ADHD is a late night show on FOX and has taken the idea of ruining our childhood and turning it into a catchy song. Enjoy!


This Spice Girls Video is SOOOOO 90s

12 Sep

Is that some Old Navy Performance Fleece I spy?

Let’s admit it, we at some point in time thought we were all superstars and filmed ourselves either lip-syncing or dancing to our favorite 90s band. These three girls did a very good job of Too Much by the Spice Girls. So good that we felt the need to showcase it here. Notice the crushed velvet and Old Navy.

Andre the Giant on Letterman

11 Sep

Here is a rare TV appearance of the late great Andre the Giant. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Andre, he was a professional wrestler in the 70s/80s who was known for being the largest athlete in the world. Wearing a size 20 boot, Andre was 7 feet 5 inches, and weighed over 500 pounds at his peak. He was undefeated as a pro wrestler for over 15 years and had an incredible appetite for food and booze. He is often referred to as the “world’s greatest drunk”, as he could pound back dozens of bottles of wine and hundred of beer in a single sitting. This interview with David Letterman is kind of funny, as Andre says he stopped drinking beer. I doubt that lasted long.

Just look at the size of Andre’s head and hands compared to Dave.


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